Detachable Porta-Dolly

$3,250.00 $2,600.00



Makes it easy to wheel your loaded Bote when the distance to the water is great!


dolly5 dolly6 dolly7


When you’re far from the water’s edge, you can open your boat by your car or rig. Put in all your gear and outboard motor. Then put your Portaboat on the Dolly. You can place the Dolly so the front of the boat weighs less than one pound (2.2 kg). Then just roll your boat to the launch area just like a baby carriage. You can even take the Dolly off when your floating in the water and store it out of the way up front. So, you don’t have to go all the way back to your car. When you come back to shore, Just put your Portabote back on the Dolly and wheel it back.


Initial Setup Instructions



4 – . ..Porta-Dolly Sides
. Anodized aluminum The 2 long sides with the axles are the bottom Dolly sides.

2 –…. Polycarbon Rustproof Wheels 14″ (36cm)+puncture resistant semi pneumatic tires. Holds up to 175 pounds (80 kg) of gear including outboard motor

2-…. Lock Pins With Large Loop At Top.(Stainless steel) to retain wheels at end of each Axle.

4 – ….Wing Nuts + 4 Washers + 4 Bolts (Stainless steel) attaches adjustable top side to bottomside.

NOTICEIF YOU HAVE THE NEW PORTA-BOTE, REMOVE ANY Black Tubing At The Bottom Channel Of Each Dolly Leg. 

THIS IS ONLY FOR THE OLDER 8′ (2.85m) AND 10′ (3.27m) MODELS


Then, Assemble Dolly.

1)  Insert a stainless steel bolt through each of the 2 holes of the bottom Porta-Dolly side and through each of the 2 vertical slots in the top Dolly side. After inserting each bolt through both sides, place a washer on each bolt. Then insert a wing nut. Wingnuts should be tightened only slightly so that the top sides can easily be adjusted up and down when placed over the top after placing under the bottom of the hull tubing


2) Insert wheel hub into axle of Porta-Dolly. Insert a lock pin through the hole in axle. Make sure large loop of pin is facing “up” toward top of dolly.


3) Place one side of Porta-Dolly next to side of Porta-Bote behind rear seat. Boat should be empty of gear. Lift this side of boat up with one hand while attaching Porta-Dolly`s bottom channel under the bottom tubing.


4) When bottom Porta-Dolly channel is securely set in place under the bottom tubing, bring forward the top Porta-Dolly channel and then press it down firmly over the top tubing. Make sure the top channel lies flat and snug over tubing. Now, tighten wing nuts to lock in place. Repeat same installation steps on the other side.


5) Where to “mark” the spot to place the Dolly next time? Actual placement depends on how the weight of gear is distributed in the empty boat. The more weight in the rear, the farther back you should place the Dolly. Behind the oarlock shown here usually works well with an outboard placed behind the rear seat. Use an indelible waterproof pen to mark a spot on the hull as a guide for future attachment.



Attach a long rope to each axle NOT TO THE BOAT. Slowly pull the Porta-Dolly with this rope. Just rest your hand on the bow (front) of the boat to help guide it. By gently pulling on the Porta-Dolly’s axles rather than the boat you will have complete control in thick sand, deep mud or uneven terrain. And the dolly will not tend to pull away from the hull. Don’t try to rotate/turn the boat when standing perfectly still in deep sand, etc. As long as you move forward slowly you can turn easily.


Additional Information and Hints:

6) Proper Balance:After you have installed the outboard onto the transom, place the rest of your gear into the center area of your Porta-Bote. After, again testing that it is properly balanced, pull the boat (slowly, at first) by the front top tubing. Or, first insert a (line) rope thru the brass grommets in the (bow) front of the boat and then use this line to pull the boat to the launching area.

7) Launching: Roll the boat into the water, stern (rear) first. If there is a dock, attach the boat to the dock. If not, get into the boat with the Oars securely installed.. CAUTION: The boat should have a line secured to a dock or to the person or helper doing the launching so it doesn’t float away. Once floating in the water detach both side of the dolly and place them in front of the front seat or anywhere handy (behind rear seat).

8) Always wash down and dry your Porta-Dolly (and the metal hardware on your boat) before storing it at the end of each use.

9) If you wish to take off the wheels for easier storage, remove the lockpins from the spindles, take off the wheels, and immediately reinsert the lockpins back into the spindles to avoid losing them.