Porta-Deck with Ladder & Seat (Turnable)

$6,100.00 $4,880.00



Porta-Deck®International patents pending

Porta-Deck with Unique Swimming and Scuba Ladder


See Our New Porta-Bote Scuba-Swim Boarding Ladder


Or, Just Have Fun Getting Into The Water And Going Swimming

deck ladder climbing
Or, Just Love to Swim/Snorkel off Your Boat?

The perfect addition to your folding Foldaboat®. (Available for 10′, 12′ and 14′
Porta-Boat® models with HIN serial# ending in 92 <1992> or higher).

It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!

Here are the exciting features you’ve been
waiting for:


The PORTA-BOTE® Porta-Deck with Unique Swimming and Scuba Ladder

1 .  Includes:
    Unique Fold Out Drop Down REMOVEABLE LADDER®. Instantly folds out of the way and opens in seconds to climb into and out of the water.

2.   Includes:
High impact, rustproof ANCHOR LINE Lift and Locking Control and Pulley System And DELUXE CLEAT® – accepts any line with a thickness 1/4″ (.6cm) to 7/16″ (1.1cm) diameter.

3.  Optional:
Removable BOW TROLLING MOUNT®. This proprietary mount will accommodate an electric outboard with 75 Pound Thrust. Quickly attaches and detaches to the front of the deck

Designed for the Swimming and Scuba Enthusiasts.

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