Back Saver Seat (Foldable)

$3,250.00 $2,600.00



The Unique Back Saver Swivel SEAT®
The Porta-Bote Accessory To “Save Your Back”
Long Lasting Ergonomic Comfort
Porta-Bote Rotating swivel seat
Not Just An Ordinary Seat – It’s Engineered to Fit your Body
Designed To Fit Any Size – Any Year Porta-Bote
Here are the exciting features you’ve asked for:
1- Ergonomic Centric SWIVEL FOLDING SEAT
With continuous comfort zone for hours of .comfortable fishing.
*  Rated for up to 360 pounds.
2- Contouring
The seat’s backrest follows the natural curve of the spine
An upward curve at the back of the seat pan rotates the
.. pelvis forward and properly positions the lumbar region
* A rounded front (“waterfall”) edge reduces pressure on the
.. thighs

3- Self Ventilating 
to allow pass-through of air and water for
.…increased comfort.
4- Push-button release automatically locks the seat back
….positively in the upright sitting position
5- Certified – meets all ABYC H-31 seating requirements

Porta-Bote Swivel Seat

With Porta-Bote Exclusive Design
Rotating Seat Base – And it Folds!
NO HolesTo Drill – NO Springs To Wear Out!
SWIVELS The Seat a Full 360 degrees.
Easily Attaches To

The perfect addition to enjoy your folding Foldaboat®.
Fits ALL Porta-Boat® Models. ALL Years

Porta-Bote with two swivel seatsPorta-Bote with two men sitting in the backsaver seats

Thank you for being a PORTA-BOTE Owner

It’s All Over! An Inflatable Owner’s Nightmare!

The unique PORTA-BOTE Backsaver seat!