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14ft for 5 persons



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(See 3 Available Colors Below This Picture Of Folded Hull).

Folded Length 14ft. (4.28m)

Folded Length 12ft-6 in. (3.85m)

Folded Length 10ft-8 in. (3.27m)

Folded Length ..9ft-3 in. (2.82m)

Folded Width 24in. (59cm)-
All Models

Average Folded Thickness 4in.-7in.
(11.4cm+) – All Models


Porta-Bote Folding Boats Shown In The Folded Configuration

Porta-Bote gives you a choice of COLORS.
Please See  Below:

#1–  Pacific Pearl Color (off white) as shown atop all these vehicles

Mini car?…Pop Up Camper?…Sedan?….SUV?…Pickup?

 Folding portable Portaboat boat atop atop a folding camper

Folding Portaboat boat On A 'Shortbed' Pickup Truckor SUV Folding portable Portaboat boat atop Jeep SUV Folding portable Portaboat boat atop Saturn auto

Porta-Bote (Shown in Pacific Pearl) Fits All These Vehicles

 The World’s Most Portable Folding Boat – Ends Trailering Forever!

  • Solid, foldable Porta-Boat – NEVER needs to be INFLATED…Naturally!
  • This portable boat costs about the same as your “unreliable, flimsy inflatable”

    #2 –  How About An Olive Drab GREEN Folding Portable Duck Boat? 
foldaboat duckboat Port a boat. The hunting boat fits atop sports utility vehicle Porta-boat hunting boat in 'Olive Drab' used as a duck hunter duckblind boat. 
This fast, portable boat for “Sportsmen” (and women!). Makes puncture prone inflatables obsolete!

WHY?  Did you know that seventy percent of all new Porta-Bote owners are former inflatable owners

who have “had it” with the “hassle” of inflating and deflating? And what about those frequent inflatable punctures? Not to
worry with Porta-Bote’s incredibly tough hull!

#3– Now Available. The Popular Color


Looks Better Than Any Aluminum Boat.
And, without the annoying NOISE,
heavy weight and LEAKS!

Aluminmum Portaboat with 4 teenagers having a ball Porta-Bote Aluminum Color Hull

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Aluminum, Olive Green, Pearl White